11-4-2020 (California, United States) In the midst of a shaking of the nation, a sudden surprise will come out of California that will shock the nation, because it will be the representation of a sudden turn of events.

7-29-2020 (The United States) It will shock many people of the things that will come forth in 2021 in the United States. There will be several high level prosecutions of high level officials, including some politicians, both current and former ones. God's judgment and vengeance will also be in the land for the murders of many people that took place, even some disguised by COVID-19. It will look like some people got away with their evil deeds for a while and a season, and to them it will look like they had pulled it off secretly and silently, then God is going to suddenly pull the covers off of them. Some of these events are going to lead to a short season of turmoil above anything that you see now, but God will have his way to establish what he intended to establish in the nation. I see several leaders that will be removed from office by indictments and for them, their covering of evil and evil alliances will be broken once and for all. Bless be God Most High that has showed me all these things. Watch for it in the news in the days ahead, because it will surely come to pass.

7-1-2020 (Martinez, California, USA) What will come through your coast will challenge your system, but it will require resilience on your part to overcome it, as things will come in, in waves.

5-20-2020 (Kenya) The Lord says, you have been in a process, and I have been refining you as a nation and a people. This is a season for my people there to cry out to me for the nation and stand in the gap. This is a time that the nation is being brought back to its knees and back to prayer and openly acknowledging me as a nation. As the heart of the people turn back to me, I will then turn many of the calamities around that have been plaguing you for the last 16 months. Now is the time to look up as I begin to point the government there in a new direction to lead the people back from the brink and into my arms, declares the Lord!

4-30-2020 (Philippines) The Lord says, you will have supernatural provision from Heaven, and I will cause many supernatural feedings to take place in the land as the days of old. As a result of what many will see, it will spark a revival there like none other, and you will be a model to all nations and you will be a sign to all. I have chosen you to see and experience something great and supernatural that will single you out among all other nations on the planet, and I will pour my glory and my Spirit there, and many people and leaders there will get saved all to my glory, says the Lord; For I will do a new thing there, says the Lord!

1-3-2020 (The United States) It will be necessary for you to stop all the political discord and political divisions, because your enemies will attempt to try you at your doorsteps on many fronts, but this will be a time for you to unify for your own safety. I see these events even hitting close to home for the current opposition party, because they will also be targeted in some of these things is what the Lord has shown me. The enemy has said that I will come against them while they are divided and fighting and division is in their land, but the Lord is saying to you to put aside your differences. That is also the same word that I am hearing for Israel and the United Kingdom. The Lord is saying this same word to Israel and the United Kingdom. The Lord is saying to you to put aside your differences, because there are some things coming that will force you to put aside your differences if you do not do these things willingly. I heard the Lord say, something about there are seven brigades planning an attack, and you will need to be vigilant and unified to be in a position to address these standing issues. It will also be found out that there were some among you in your respective nations that will be found to have been conspiring and coordinating with those enemy nations and groups that want to destroy you. These things have been revealed by the Lord. Look at 2 Kings 6:8-12 and 1 Chronicles 12:32.

1-1-2020 (Vancouver in Canada) I hear the Lord in Canada saying that you will go through a time of some serious testing, but it is not a time for you to lose heart or to let go of your faith even when the shaking begins and the waters come; for I will be with you through all of those things. Know that my faithfulness I will not take from you, but let it be an urgent thing for you to pray to form the necessary prayer chain around the city and the people for the things to come in the days ahead. For a season, it will seem like you are staying in the news, but restoration will come after the storms and the trials of life, declares the Lord!

1-1-2020 (Australia) You have been through a time of a baptism by fire, but out of the ashes shall arise a new faith, and a new revival in God shall hit the land like a tsunami wave, but it will be a tsunami of his glory. After the ashes, I will bring a time of my restoration upon the land, but there will be some things that you will have to contend for with China, reveals the Spirit of God!

1-1-2020 (The Caribbean Islands) I see some kind of monster quake that will shake many different places, nations, and islands, but it is a time for you to organize prayer groups and form a prayer wall to cope with things in the days ahead. I see so many islands affected and so nations that will be impacted by these series of events, because I also see some sea storms that will seek to trouble the region. The word of the Lord to you collectively is do not let the chants and actions of the witches and the wizard be louder than your prayers at this time, because some of these things will come to target them. I heard the Lord say, 'A Clean Sweep' when it comes to evil, but I will prepare a place of refuge for my faithful ones, declares the Lord. Let not your praise towards me be slack in this season, declares the Lord your God!


9-7-2019 (Reposted from Let The Prophets Declare What They See And Hear section of the Website) The Word of the Lord comes to Pastors in the Bahamas that have lost everything in the storm; the Lord says, Job was tested in the beginning and it appeared that he had lost everything in Chapters 1 and 2 while he was being tested, but do not forget that in Chapter 42, I vindicated him in the eyes of all of those that falsely accused him of doing something wrong, and I made them come to him with an offering in their hand, and I gave him double for his trouble. The Lord says, this day know that I give double unto you and you will have double than what you had before and you will be an example to many as a sign, a wonder, and a testimony. I have seen your works, your service, your dedication, and even your faithfulness to minister to others even while you are afflicted and your sacrifice will not go unnoticed and unrewarded, declares the Lord! See Zechariah 9:12, Isaiah 61:4-7, Job 42:10-12, Ezekiel 45:4, Genesis 47:22 & 26, Hebrews 6:10, and 2 Chronicles 15:7-8. Now the Word of the Lord comes to the people of God in the Bahamas that have lost everything in recent events; the Spirit of the Lord says, watch how I come through for you and show you my glory and my faithfulness. You will see a restoration that you could not have imagined. Some of you have even said that I never saw this coming on this level and magnitude, and I never imagined it was going to be this bad, but the Lord says I am a provider and a God that restores and makes whole again, and I heal the broken hearts. In this season, I will turn your words to say I could have never imagined that God would be so good to me. This will be your testimony when it is all said and done. Be still and know that I am God, says the Lord! Deuteronomy 6:10-25 & Deuteronomy 8:7-18.

8-30-2019 South Korea, a chain of recent events and unfolding events in the near future will force your hand and will force you to think outside of the box and to look elsewhere for trading partners and economic partners, which will liberate you from a tight in the box situation where you had limited yourself to. In the coming days ahead you will find new connections and new trade partners in South America, Europe, Canada, and many other parts of the world as you take your place as a leader of nations on the world stage. It is because the Lord loves you as a nation that you will find favor and grace among the nations, and you will be used to evangelize nations with the Gospel as you go forth even in an economic capacity, says the Lord! I see 21 news deals and major deals. The Lord says the crushing and the shaking up was necessary in order to get you out of a regional mindset and into a more global way of thinking to bring forth the excellency of what I have put within you for the world to come forth at this time and in the days ahead. The Lord says, you will find yourself in an even greater alignment with Israel and you will lock steps in the technology realm to advance technology among the nations, declares the Spirit of God!

3-8-2019 The Lord says, watch how I turn Somalia. Watch how I suddenly turn it from a place and safe haven for terrorists to a place where my name shall arise there, and I will draw many unto me in that nation as I move through the land and as I move by my Spirit, says the Lord!

1-22-2019 Israel, prepare for a great influx of Jews from many other nations as revealed by the Lord. Some new rifts within those nations will be behind the sudden growth and influx of Jewish people.

1-1-2019 Ukraine, the Lord says, I will give you strategies, boldness, and confidence to deal with matters at hand, and I will put a bow and an arrow in your hand that will give you victory over some long standing things that have been a thorn in your flesh. Written on 11-30-2018, but posted 1-1-2019.


9-4-2018 After a very specific and a very detailed dream, the word of the Lord comes to the nations of Kenya, Mexico, and the US State of New Mexico, because I specifically see these three areas where the exact same things would happen for all three places. The Lord said and he showed me that these places would become strong economic engines with booming economies and there would be plenty of jobs coming to those places and created in those places. I was able to see technology upgrades in these places like no other in the world. I saw some transportation upgrades and some transportation inventions coming out of these places. I saw the youth being very active in taking part in this rise and this economic boom, from the creation of the latest powerful apps to new inventions that would be needed worldwide. I saw them actively involved and engaged in the workforce. I see a new generation of young leaders rising up in those places to make a difference and they had another way and a different way of thinking and looking at things and it caused things to prosper and get moving in a whole new and different way. The Lord says, those three places will become models for the rest of the world.

8-2-2018 I heard the Lord say these words for Iraq, I have not brought you this far to allow enemy forces to take you over and take you backwards that have their own agenda for the nation that is not my will, but for a season I will shake things there to cause enemy forces that are against my will to be removed and to retreat, says the Lord!

5-10-2018 Israel will only grow stronger and stronger, and the light will grow from there and go forth from there. The sons of Jacob will have a sword in his hand in this hour that will pierce and penetrate the nations and you will begin to see a strong wave of the Gospel going out to the nations again from that soil and land. They will gain strength and territory that all prophecies spoken to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will finally be fully fulfilled. It is a turning point for them as a nation, and many nations will be made a spectacle at the power of what is coming out of the land of Israel, the land of the giant. For the Lord would say, that I have made Israel a rising giant and her ranks shall be increased. The Lord has come down in this season to fight for her and to roughly rebuke many nations; therefore you sons of Jacob are not consumed. Malachi 3:6. The Lord says, I will see you through any troubled waters. I will see you through every battle, and give you victory even over every hidden and entrenched enemy, says the Lord! The Lord says, I will expose every hidden and entrenched enemy of yours, and they will not be able to withstand the fire, says the Lord; the fire of my Glory, the fire of my jealousy for you, says the Lord God Eloheinu. (Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha-olam). See Isaiah 60:22. The Lord would further say that there is a technology that will come out of Israel that none of the nations of the world has ever seen. I actually saw many new and powerful technologies coming forth in this hour out of the nation of Israel that the nations have never seen, heard of, or imagined. In this season, the Lord comes down to visit Jerusalem, the city that he has chosen as his own, and he will settle the issue of Jerusalem in this hour and in this season, once and for all, and will deal a stunning blow to the beast.

1-20-2018 Angola, the Lord says, you are slated to set a powerful example of love and positive things to the nations. Your example shall also fuel an economic engine in the nation that will in return yield prosperity, declares the Lord!

1-5-2018 Gambia, I hear the word of the Lord saying economic boom, economic rebound, and economic recovery for you. You will be a thriving, not just surviving nation, and you shall become a nation in time that is sought after and sought out by many. I will make you an example of prosperity to all of Africa and many types of creativity will come of you, even from the music to the arts. The Lord will raise up power preachers in your midst to put his name there as he reveals himself to your people in new ways that will even overshadow everything that you were previously taught. Watch for the Lord to visit your nation and to come in with a great force and with great power. The dawn of a new day is upon you. The Lord has declared that his word will go forth there in abundance.

1-5-2018 The word of the Lord for the Bahamas, revival will begin to break out all across the nation from island to island and creative miracles of God will even be taking place all over the place. There will be healings of every sort, and it will be a sign to the nations that Jesus still heals and visits nations. Following this kind of revival, there will even be economic revival taking place and the economy will flourish and many will start new businesses, and new creative ways of making money will come forth in abundance, as the Lord has declared it. The Bahamas will also be like a refuge nation for the weary souls to be at peace and to rest, away from the many storms of life.

1-1-2018 For the nation of Cameroon, I hear the Lord saying that decades' old problems that has hindered the nation and stunted its growth will soon come to an end, and you will begin to flourish and prosper in a new way. I also hear the Lord saying to you, be my watchmen on the wall. Stand in the gap for other nations, including the nation of Israel, and even as you do and hold massive prayer rallies, you will see a changing of the guards and the turning of the tide which will cause all things to shift and to work in your favor, says the Almighty God!

1-1-2018 South Africa, the Lord says to you, I will take you through a time of a complete transformation and many new things will come and many old things will change. While I am giving you a face lift and a make over, do not be weary with the process, because I am bringing you into something good that will bring much good to my people there and to all of the people. Watch for it, expect it, anticipate it, and call for it, and it will surely show up, says the Lord!

1-1-2018 The Lord is saying to Brazil, you will rise up again as a leader and will once again become a strong leader, and my Church there shall become stronger and shall be a powerful example to other nations allover the world. I have made you a light, and darkness shall not take over, and I will use a remnant there to push back against the darkness and that which was a remnant will greatly multiply and become a strong voice in this world in this hour, declares the Lord!


12-12-2017 The Lord is saying to the United States and many other nations, especially western nations, Do not let your guards down; for many surprising things are still coming that you need to be ready and prepared for, declares the Lord!

9-1-2017 The Lord says to the United States, the shake up is not for your break up, but the shake up is for your wake up. Awake and arise and see the new identity that I am calling you to, and move in a new dimension of unity, faith, and power, says the Lord! It is your choice, declares the Lord!

9-1-2017 The Lord says to you Germany, it is time to make the shift. You have to decide whether you are going to continue on the same path that you are on or whether you are going to make the shift and become a nation of destiny with a new identity that will shape the path ahead to become the new model for a multitude of many nations. Shift now and prosper or continue down a dead path and perish in the ways of the old, says the Lord!

9-1-2017 I hear the word of the Lord for Japan, the Lord says rise up from the ashes of the past and become strong and mighty; for I have called you to lead now in technology and become a leader of nations with the next generation and wave of innovation and technology. Bring those things forth that will change entire nations. The next level of security is within you now, and you shall birth forth a security that will change the nations. I hear the Lord saying, 'cyberspace Giant.' That is what the Lord has declared over your nation. Your security will be seen in every aspect of your nation, even in the military, and you will have one of the strongest navies and militaries in the entire region. Security leader is your portion says the Lord, and nations will come to you for security and to duplicate your model of security in their nation, declares the Lord! I also see some kind of new skyscrapers and buildings that will set an example for many other world cities and markets to follow.

3-10-2017 I heard the Lord say, a shakeup is coming in France and in all of Europe, especially on the political front, and I will do a new thing in Europe. New leaders will emerge with different views that will begin to take Europe in a different direction. Europe may have been known to be cold in some areas, but I heard the Lord say, I will visit Europe and will vacation there and park there for a while and will bring about a revival like none have ever heard of, and I will visit the cold hearts of men and I will turn up the heat there and in France, and do something completely different than what many others were expecting, says the Lord! The Lord says, don't count Europe out, and don't count me out in Europe, because I am not done there yet, says the Lord! The Lord says, I will make the hearts of men to rejoice there in these lands once more, declares the Lord of Hosts!

3-10-2017 I heard the Lord say, "the emergence of Prophets from China." The Lord says, I will bring forth prophetic voices from China and my prophets there will emerge to make a dominant effect on the Body of Christ globally. I have raised up prophets that will speak to you and deal with the persecutions in the land there will my Church, and I use Chinese prophets even worldwide; for I have placed a talent in them that will stun nations, because they will be my glory carriers and my glory bearers, says the Lord! The strange thing or the strange twist to all of this is that the government there will be in agreement with the arising and emerging of my prophets there, and I will turn and even change the hearts of government leaders there to come into agreement and align with my will and what I am doing in China and will bring to the nations of the world through China and the voices that I have raised up there, says the Lord! The Lord says, the economy there will change for the better when my prophets there arise and are able to speak freely without hindrance, repercussions, or reprisals, says the Lord! The Lord says, I love the Chinese people, and I will make them into a people of peace and balance, declares the Almighty!

3-10-2017 I heard the Lord say, I am doing something totally new in Malaysia and in Vietnam, and my Body shall arise there to be a light and a voice to the nations, but I am also visiting the economies of these nations and there will be a heavy economic boom there in those places and the discovery of some new medicines that will bring about a major medical breakthrough even in science there that will be sort out and sought after worldwide. I do a work in some of the strangest places on earth, says the Lord, and discoveries are made and breakthrough stakes place as I visit nations and walk through them, because I am all the way good and I choose to be good, says the Lord!

3-10-2017 I heard the Lord say, something good and something special is about to come forth out of Brunei and my Spirit shall be placed thereto bring forth a new Kingdom mandate from that land, declares the Lord! Shifts in governments there and in the governmental realm are a part of my plan to reform and change many things that will be a major center piece of my will for what lies ahead in days to come. I will expand my Kingdom there, and a new airport is in the works to come forth, because many people will want to visit there to come and see what I am doing there. You want to see what I am doing there, you will have to come and see, says the Lord! You will have to come and see the mystery surrounding what I am doing there. There is a secret plant that will be discovered that will make news and it will function as some kind of new healing medicine that will provide a medical and scientific breakthrough of some sort, but I see the Lord also doing something with cotton there too. Agriculture there will also be brought into the spotlight, because there will be new methods coming forth that the other nations will envy and say, "Why didn't I think of that before," and they will soon pattern themselves after it. The Lord says, what I am doing in Brunei will be the start of something big, because I also visit the technology realm there to bring a new life to the Country, says the Lord!

3-10-2017 The Lord says, watch what I do in Somalia. Many people are watching and waiting for utter destruction there to take place because of terrorism, but I will move upon the terrorist factions there and I will visit them and reveal myself to many of them in visions and dreams and I will bring about my salvation, and I will get something good out of what looks like a bad situation there, says the Lord, and what was once called the horn of Africa shall be called the horn of my Salvation, declares the Lord of Hosts!

1-1-2017 Malta, you will have to take some extreme measures to eliminate some extremists threats within your borders, and it may be necessary for you to reach out from beyond your border for some external help to ensure that things are secure. I also heard the words, 'Political heat waves.' There will be a political mess for a while, but things will stabilize once you hear the voice of what the people are saying to you as a whole. You were built from within and you will remain strong only by hearing from within and not from the outside how to run your national affairs.

1-1-2017 Lesbos, you will make news because of a turn of events concerning royal events. You will also be known for some kind of rich resources found there that were never discovered before and that will put the spotlight back on you again. I heard the Lord say, Two in one years time frame.


9-9-2016 Philippines, I just really hear the Lord saying for you, this is your season to rise and don't be caught by surprise; for I will move in your land, and suddenly will reveal and unfold my plan. I will cause my gates to open over your land, and I will use you as a light and a standard to all of the nations of the earth. I will stand by you as you venture through some dark times, and I will cause my face to shine on your land and bring about a swift form of restoration, and you will finally be able to put the past behind you. As I look into the Spirit, I see a bright golden shining star over the land. The Lord's favor be upon you and many blessings will now begin to be poured out upon your land. I see all sorts of healing miracles taking place in the streets, starting in Manilla and then flowing all over the nation. I see people being healed, delivered, and set free, and where recent things have cast a shadow of negative light over your nation, I see many great things in the Spirit that God is unfolding in the land by his hands. What the Lord is releasing and unfolding will take precedence over what has happened there in recent months and weeks. I hear the Lord saying, first you had distractions to deal with that would try to over power and over shadow what I was about to do, now comes the real thing as I move by my Spirit, says the Lord!

1-26-2016 Germany, I really hear the Lord saying you will even grow strong again and be even mightier than before and will take a more stronger and forceful tone in the earth among the nations.

1-3-2016 United States, prepare for a time of severe tension and testing as a nation. This is a tricky time for you as a nation, but persevering through those that are faithful to pray, believe in, and trust in the Lord will help bring you all through this time of testing.

1-3-2016 Iraq and Syria, it is a time of a major turning point for you as nations, says the Lord!

1-1-2016 For the Continent of Europe, this will be a serious time of testing for you, but the Lord says this is your time to show a serious resolve in the face of many adversities, and this is a time to put minds together to come up with some quick solutions to many pending issues. The Lord says, when the path of wisdom is followed, your outcome will be sure, and put things back on a solid footing for all nations of the continent.

1-1-2016 For the Continent of Africa, the Lord says this a time of recovery for you from many years of being used and exploited by other major nations for all of your valuable resources. The Lord says this is a season for you to awake out of a long sleep and open your eyes, and see the greater potential within you collectively as a unified continent. You'll be able to overcome all struggles when you listen to the wisdom of the wise and the ancient.

1-1-2016 For the Continent of North America, your resolve will be tested in this hour heavily says the Lord, but as you come together and work together in a more unified fashion versus being more isolated on matters, you will see that there is nothing that you cannot overcome to better the hemisphere in your region and effect matters in the whole world.

1-1-2016 For the Continent of South America, coming together in the form of some kind of economic alliance and regional block of cooperation will keep things afloat as a continent, and make a greater mark in the world as a unified voice, says the Lord!

1-1-2016 For the Continent of Asia, the Lord says this is a time for you to put aside many of your differences in the region as nations, and be at peace with one another so that the economies in that region can be strengthened. When you settle things peacefully this year, you will see your economies grow as a whole, declares the Lord!

1-1-2016 For the Continent of Australia, the Lord says your influence will grow all the more, and you will become very great, and you will see that you have a voice to the nations that will help to shape and influence things, especially in crucial times, declares the Lord! Also I hear the Lord saying that you will need to integrate more with other alliances and nations to form a more perfect union to get things done on a regional and global scale.


10-18-2015 Brazil, this is a season for you to climb up hill, and you will take your spot on the world scene in a new way and in a new power and with a new influence, says the Lord! It shall be said that there is a new light, a new flame, and a new beacon in the earth concerning your nation; for you shall come from the back to the forefront to lead in this hour, says the Lord! New connections with the nations shall thrust you into the spotlight, says the Spirit of the Living God!

6-11-2015 France, the Lord says you'll become stronger, and you will become a strong voice to the nations, and you'll be used mightily to mediate situations on multiple fronts. You will become a mighty force to be reckoned with, declares the Lord! I heard the Lord say, your voice will be respected.

1-16-2015 Indonesia, a strength shall be found within you that will give you a new status and a new voice on the world scene. A new invention shall come from within your own borders that will help change and help impact the world.

1-1-2015 United Kingdom, the Lord is saying this is a time of a new beginning for you, and you will see that in many areas of your society, even in government. The Lord says united you stand, divided you fall. It is in your best interest as a nation to solve all internal differences with your different ethnicities, says the Lord!

1-1-2015 Bangladesh, the Lord says this will be a time of recovery for you as a nation.


11-9-2014 I hear these words for the nation of Luxembourg, the Lord is saying I am singling you out as a nation as a sign and a beacon to prosper you in a time of economic downturns, turmoil, and financial chaos all around you. You will be a sign to the rest of them that I can both rescue and prosper the small, as well as the great if they trust me.

11-9-2014 Saudi Arabia, I hear the Lord saying there is a time of shaking that is coming upon you, but if you would humble yourself, repent, and seek after me, and turn from things that are idols, I will hear and bring a time of refreshing upon you in the midst of the shaking, says the Lord of Hosts. There is a righteous remnant there that bear my name and I will even protect you in the time of trouble, says the Lord! Please do take this word very serious, so that you can fare well in these things in the coming days ahead of you. The Lord delights to save and protect and not destroy.

9-11-2014 Lesotho, the Lord says your answer is under the ground. There are valuable resources under the ground that will produce money and your money will be a source of power to be used as a tool of leverage.

8-11-2014 Bahrain, there is a new type of government forming in the land that will come forth. I heard the Lord says reform, but it won't be the norm.

8-10-2014 Iraq, the Lord says your answer is going to come from within.

7-29-2014 Argentina, you will reach a short-term deal and a long- term deal on your economic affairs and orders, and things will begin to financially pull themselves together in the days to come to get back on a solid financial footing.

7-23-2014 Greece, I hear the Lord saying some new reforms will put the nation back on a solid economic footing.

7-22-2014 Ukraine, I hear the word of the Lord saying to you, you cannot make peace with a nation that wants to make war with you, so you must change your stance to deal with that policy, but know that I am raising up a standard to deal with the thorn in your side even as you have tried to make peace there was none, says the Lord! Restoration of all things is coming, says the Lord! There is a diplomatic shift that is coming that will change things to work in your favor. There is a change coming in leadership outside of your own borders that will bring about a lasting change and to cause things to work in your favor, says the Lord!

7-22-2014 Thailand, I hear the Lord saying, let reform take place and you will see my grace. The thing that you fear is not what shall be, take a step back to see that I have paved the way for you to have victory, says the Lord! I see a unity coming and arising out of the ashes and the dust, even as both Brothers and Sisters in the land begins the process of recovery and reconciliation, says the Lord!

3-20-2013 European Union and Europe, I hear the Lord saying you are working with a short window.

1-1-2014 For Russia, I hear the Lord saying breaking point.

1-1-2014 For Syria, I hear the Lord saying turning point.

1-1-2014 For Israel, I hear the Lord saying boiling point.


11-16-2013 The Lord says China is starting to open and this is the sign and the time that many were waiting to see the latter day shift. China will be strategic in bringing in the latter day harvest of souls into the Kingdom. The Lords says look now again and see how I have turned the heart of the King.

8-10-2013 Liberia a new order is coming to your borders.

2-4-2013 Nigeria the Lord says I require more of you because you are like the Judah of all the Nations around you and you are like a big brother to the nation to the ones around you and you are more in number; I require more of you says the Lord; even as the tribes of Israel would come before me and inquire who should go up first to battle and my response was Judah so it is with you. Judah represents praise and strength, but Judah was also more in numbers and had more men of war than the other tribes of Israel. I keep hearing the Lord say more is required of you, because I have made you strong, says the Lord! I also see where the Lord will give you a victory inside of your own borders as sow outwardly to help your Brethren in those neighboring countries around you; the hand of the Lord comes on Nigeria in a new way this day, in Jesus name.

2-4-2013 Zambia the Lord says for you to look within; instead looking beyond your borders for help to come; look within your own borders and see all of the many valuable resources that I have placed under the land just for you; look within the waters and see precious things that I have provided as a new stream of resources for you to have new success and economic victories and prosperity within your own land, declares the Lord!

1-10-2013 Tanzania there will be new resources discovered under your land that will lead to an economic boom.

1-10-2013 Laos, I hear the Lord saying reform is coming to your government in the land and new systems of living will soon be on line. The Lord says get ready for change is on the horizon.


12-13-2012 I specifically hear The Word of the Lord for the segments of the Church that is in Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, and China; the Lord says stand bold in the face of adversity and I will make your face strong against your enemies in the time of persecution and I will lift you instead of sift you, says the Lord!

7-31-2012 Burundi the Lord says get ready for a transition.

6-6-2012 The nation of Georgia will resolve their differences and many long standing conflicts with the breakaway provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and they will become as one Nation again.

4-8-2012 Burkina Faso I have made you a mediator of peace and I have created a place of power for you at the round table of the Nations and I will use you in many other ways and you will have great diplomatic influence even at the United Nations and I will use you to mediate more than just the affairs of a region, but I will give you world power and world influence and you will be called to many tables and you will sit at many tables; for I have created a spot for you there; for I release my mantle of peace upon you, says the Lord! You are a chief Nation among your brothers declares the Lord and I will lift you up even in the area of economics and even in the financial sector, says the Lord!

3-4-2012 Somalia I see that you will have plenty of water on its way in your future. I see waters coming in abundance; I see the abundance of waters.

2-16-2012 Maldives there will be a reversal of some things there. Several things will be reversed.

2-13-2012 As for Trinidad and Tobago I see revival coming to your Nation. The Gospel will be preached again and things will begin to pick up economically.

2-13-2012 Burundi things will begin to stabilize for you in this season and there will be peace with warring factions.

1-6-2012 For those of you in Nigeria the Lord says I know you and I recognize you and I have heard you says the Lord; for your prayers have made it to Heaven and your prayers have come up before my Throne; your prayers and your faith have touched Heaven and I will answer says the Lord!

1-1-2012 Afghanistan, a sudden shift will turn things around in the country and reconciliation among brothers will stabilize the Nation and bring stability to the land that has never been seen before and you go on to finally become a strong Nation that is able to stand on your own feet and many things will now happen for you suddenly.

1-1-2012 Panama, New trade deals and a sudden rise in new business will take the country up higher and in a new direction. Sudden economic prosperity is now about to hit your borders.


9-9-2011 As for the United States, I see two gates over the Nation. There is a south gate and a north gate, and the Lord says enter one or the other. You have been outside of both for a while and in a divisive state long enough and the Lord says you must now make a decision to crossover and enter a gate as a Nation. Division is the way down, but enter through a gate will take the Nation in an upward spiral. There are two choices and two decisions that must be made with the next 28 hours that will the Nation forward 14 years or backward 28 years, but there is a mantle of time standing over the Nation and the prophetic time clock is ticking and it awaits you to enter the next season of your destiny as a Nation. I hear the Lord saying that Judah must go up first as a leader of the Nations. Find out what the word Judah means and you will know what he is saying to the Nation. As for the citizens of this Nation, pray for the soul of this Nation to be right with God. Every Nation has a soul and the souls of many Nations are cold or sick right now. Pray that the soul of the Nation will be right, because if the soul is right, then the right decisions will be made by the leaders and the people of that Nation.

6-13-2011 Indonesia, you will have to abandon several of your islands due to a sudden rise in flood waters due to the rising of the ocean in the low places.

6-13-2011 Syria, there will be something major that will start on your borders that will affect the whole world and after that there will be a very quiet shift in the country and the government will be in a time of major transition for several months until the forming of something new.

6-13-2011 Japan; I hear the Lord saying, reach for my hand and I will show you my plan. I see a rapid and extreme rate of growth in the Church there in the coming days that will help put the Nation back on a solid footing; for you are not a land on a list that should experience extinction, says the lord; for there is yet hope for and within your borders, declares the lord!

6-13-2011 Israel, there is now a Prophetic shift in seasons upon you and you will see many new changes and things will shift in the comings days. There is now a change in the Prophetic season upon you and the world focus will be on Israel in both natural and spiritual matters as a new light comes on in your borders.

6/10/2011 Bolivia, you are like fresh water upon the lilies and glorious things will blossom in your midst and many good things will come out of you; for I see a major change in the atmosphere and your borders will be open to truth and corruption will flee your borders and new things are now set to arise. I see many new structures and new government structures as the tides are now starting to turn in the favor of the people as a whole. There may be some turmoil, but overall things seem to be looking up and starting to the look good for the people of Bolivia. These changes will be brought on by doors that I see opening for the gospel of Jesus to be preached.

6/10/2011 Burma (Myanmar), you to shall experience a new government and a change of name. I see many soldiers marching through your streets.

6/10/2011 Vietnam, I see a new government even as a shift takes place.

2/20/2011 Libya, I see more than just new reforms, but I see a new government structure rising out of the smoke, but not without some massive bloodshed and an overthrow. There will be a sudden change of heart in the leaders of your nation and new changes will take the country in a new direction, but there will be many outside forces coming into your borders to try and take a piece of the pie, but the nation will overcome a very bad and vulnerable spot to become stabilized again after the fall and cleanup of much rubble.

2/20/2011 Bahrain, there will be a shift in foreign military presence in your country and there will be a sudden change in your own military command forces and structure. There are many new changes on your horizon, some good some bad, but you will find yourself at the center of an outside conflict of some sort that is going to bring about a healing and a unity of your people once again as the storm clouds clear.

1/26/2011 Australia, you shall enter a season of drying out and a time of recovery and renewal. You have been in a season of cleansing and purification and you have had to deal with many troubled waters, but in this season you will see my bow in the skies and you will see my promise in the clouds. (See Genesis 9:11-15, Isaiah 54:7-9 and now read Verses 10-17) I will bring a shift in leadership even as I have chosen to place my name there and the sounds of my Spirit and the sounds of heaven shall be heard there again. I had to purify to bring forth a change in the land and with this change also comes a revival. You have been through the fire and been through the flood, but know that I have ordained you to be a wealthy place, says the lord! (See Psalm 66:10-12 now verses 13-14, Psalm 18:11-19, 2 Samuel 22:2-29) It might have looked like you have gone through Hell, but I hear the Lord saying that all will be well. (See Zechariah 8:9-15)


9/12/2010 Iraq, you have been like a bleeding wound, but in this season I shall move across your land and bring healing and stability where things have been hostile and violent, says the Lord; and this Nation shall know my name, says the Spirit of the living God!

4/18/2010 Iceland, I chose to use you as a Prophetic sign to the nations to give them a glimpse of what the smoke from the bottomless pit that is as a smoking furnace spoken of in Revelation chapter 9 verses 1-12 will look like at the latter times. This also serves as a sign to all men to turn from sin and repent, because the fires of hell are real. This also signifies a five month window for men to repent and come to Christ before some major turn of events that is coming afterward. Iceland you are a prophetic sign post to all men in the earth, says the Lord. Even great revivals shall break out all over your land, says the Lord, even as there is a great economic shift within your borders, says the Lord, and you shall even be fully joined with your neighbors, declares the Lord! This also serves as a covenant reminder to the promises to the people connected to Abraham. It also serves as a sign of the fullness of iniquity in the earth. (See Genesis 15:12-21)

3/28/2010 Guatemala, as a sign that I am shaking your nation, you shall see many drug Lords turn preachers as I transform the nation, says the Lord, because the righteous there have prayed. There are also many missionaries there that have prayed for this day to come and for the Lord to give them the nation for salvation. The Lord says, I have heard your prayers and I am now moving in the area, says the Lord!

2/27/2010 Chile, peace and patience, says the Lord! I have heard your prayers and I have heard your cries, and now I will lift my hand to restore, says the Lord!

2/10/2010 United States, I have given you time to resolve your differences and to break the cycle of division in your between rival parties in the political arena, but you have failed to complete the task, so I will now intervene for the sake of the multitudes of souls that are stake in the land of your nation that are constantly crying out before me, even as major agendas are over looked by the spirit of division, strife, and competition. I will begin to judge those that are not for the sake of the people, and for my causes. I will begin to judge those that have another agenda for the nation versus hearing my heart for the people. Those that will seek to destroy a nation and the lives of innocent people for the sake of worldly gain have my hand against them and they will not prosper in this hour. I will judge between lean cattle and fat cattle at this time. I will stand up and arise for the poor, needy, and defenseless of the land. I will now arise for the sake of the children of the land, and I will have mercy on whom I will; for who will be able to stop me, says the Lord! (Saints of God, please pray for America)

1/23/2010 Haiti (Emergency Word), if you will not give up in your hopes and attempts to rescue, I will still bring people alive from the rubble; for I am a God of miracles, says the Lord!

1/12/2010 Haiti, a quick recovery, says the Lord!


11/27/2009 Saudi Arabia, you shall be a leader of change and reform among your brothers, says the Lord; for I have chosen you as a first fruit Nation in the Middle East to lead the change that shall bring many to my name. In times past, you have known me as the God of Abraham, but you shall know me for who I really am and you shall know my new name, says the Lord, and you shall be known as my reformers says the Lord, your redeemer!

11/27/2009 Madagascar, there has been a two headed dragon ruling your land for too long, and this spirit has attempted to divide the land and keep the land divided and cause chaos, and wherever there are two ruling structures there cannot be peace, but only division, but the Lord would say further that, I am breaking that two headed dragon spirit and I shall bring forth a new order and a new ruling structure that shall have dominion over the former, and fear and division shall be a thing of the past, even as I bring forth the new from out of the old, says the Lord! It is as if I see a whole new Nation being formed out of the old Nation. There is definitely something new on the horizon. Watch and pray, say the Lord!

11/27/2009 Indonesia, publish my word, says the Lord! Do not be afraid to publish my gospel, says the Lord; for I am doing a shift and there shall be a great shift and change in faith and religious beliefs and my Church there shall grow overwhelmingly, because my glory is in the land says the Lord, and I shall take non-believers and make them into great faith people for my kingdom causes says the Lord, and the righteous shall take the government, even as new governmental alliances are forming for my glory. I raise up and give the thrones of the earth to whosoever I will as it pleases me, says the Lord! I see new leadership coming (No offense to anyone ruling now, but when God is ready to change a land, he changes its leaders first. Sometimes, it's time to pass the mantle and the torch to run the race to a new generation for Kingdom purposes)

11/27/2009 Philippines, you have been through many storms, crisis, and disasters and you have seen your share of corruption, but I am raising up righteous leaders in the land that shall be strong and take over the government and great stability and rest shall come as a result of my righteousness being in the land, and I shall open up many doors for ministries and the gospel of my kingdom to come in. I am sending a purging and a purifying anointing into the land to cleanse the land of bloodshed and corruption to make way and to prepare the way for my glory to come in, says the Lord; and to the Church there, you have been battered, shattered, and tossed to and fro by many various trials, storms, and afflictions, but I say unto you, that you shall arise in great power and great victory as I, the ancient of days have sat on my throne to move my hand in favor of my Saints; for I am he that rides upon the clouds of Heaven, says the Lord!

11/23/2009 Belgium, I see many new financial centers coming out of you.

9/22/2009 Bhutan, you shall see a quick recovery, says the Lord, even as salvation goes forth in your land.

9/17/2009 Thailand, unrest and civil disturbances shall leave and stability shall come, says the Lord! I even see stability in government and commerce.

9/13/2009 Peru, watch your border for invading armies in the days to come. Forces from the outside are attempting to overthrow from the inside. I hear the word of the Lord saying "that the country shall go in a new direction. Watch out for the tiger that lurks in the hills, says the Lord!"

9/13/2009 Paraguay, I the Lord saying there will be years of reforming. Look to the mountains for a signpost and a signal that will bring about a lasting change in the land.

9/13/2009 Malaysia, watch for the waters as the earth shakes. Years of rebuilding are ahead of you.

9/13/2009 Taiwan, new diplomatic ties shall bring about a permanent change in government as new alliances are being formed, says the Lord!

9/13/2009 Benin, I hear "cross the river." I also see new elections that shall take the country in a different direction.

9/13/2009 Iran, there's coming a total shift in Iran's government, character, plans, and policy, even towards other nations. This shall happen at a sudden rate, so be watchful, and be eyeful, as there is a changing of the tides, says the Lord! I also hear a shifting of the guards.

9/13/2009 United States, division has plagued you and deep divides, lest the people of the land make prayer and intercession on your behalf, then there will be a shift in the light and the power of the nation and the glory that you once held shall shift to another nation, and another people that shall take up my light, word, and power in this hour, says the Lord! Change is coming in the likes unheard of before, says the Lord!

6/12/2009 Sri Lanka, like the tiger that sits low and the bear that arise in the midnight so shall I restore you and the people of your land shall know me. Have not I said that the isles shall wait for my law, and now I say unto you that you shall hear of my law giver and you shall even experience me in my kingdom and in my majesty, says the Lord God!

6/12/2009 Namibia, 47 new species shall be found in your land that has never been seen before and you shall gain worldwide attention, says the Lord!

6/12/2009 Chad, I have made you strong and you are a strength to many nations and I shall use you as an example to your brethren and neighboring countries, says the Lord!

6/12/2009 Ecuador, revival and revitalization shall hit your land, and many that have seen poverty shall see prosperity. Watch as I work in the hearts and the minds of men and I shall have a people come forth of you to myself, declares the Lord of hosts!

6/8/2009 France, you will have to deal with some form of rebellion.

6/8/2009 Gabon, there will be governmental reform and restructuring.

6/8/2009 New Guinea, there is some form of new leadership coming.

5/27/2009 Korea=North and South Korea, there will be some form of altercation between the north and the south, but out the cloud of smoke I see one nation, a unified nation of people on the Korean peninsula. I also see a long standing conflict finally coming to an end with a united nation of people that will be a voice to the nations. I see it as a unity between two brothers that has been engaged in a long standing conflict; good will eventually come out of this altercation or situation, but there will be engagement first.

4/27/2009 Somalia, you have been long time unstable and unrest, but the Lord says I have raised up a government in the land that shall be strong and this government shall help usher in a lasting stability, a peace, and economic prosperity. That lawless spirit shall leave your land and there shall even be a flourishing in the land because of my hand, and salvation shall go forth throughout your coasts. Look beneath the soil; for the Lord says that there are all kinds of hidden treasures beneath your soil that shall lead to an economic boom and stability, says the Lord!

3/26/2009 Eritrea, bright lights over your skies for about a month.

3/26/2009 Botswana, the Lord is liberating you from witchcraft. Your salvation from God comes.

3/26/2009 Honduras, you will experience a spiritual revival like never before and you'll have renewed commitments.

3/26/2009 Angola, oppression leaves and a people there shall be greatly turned to the Lord in the days to come.


10/16/2008 Côte d'Ivoire, economic prosperity, says the Lord!

10/16/2008 Nigeria, new government, a strong church arising in the midst of persecution, and a new role in world leadership, says the Lord! I see a multitude of powerful and very influential world leaders rising up out of you, both political and ministry wise. The nations shall come to you, says the Lord, because you have known my name, says God!

10/16/2008 Belgium, new finance reforms, says the Lord. I also see a new world leader coming out of you that is swift in politics and mighty in business and economics.

8/31/2008 Russia, there shall be a strong and rather unusual earthquake never in the likes of all your history as a nation, says the Lord! This thing is revealed. I also see a sudden change in governmental leadership in Russia. New structures are forming and new governments are arising fast, says the Lord! Be aware of a shift in power and unilateral alliances, says the Lord! (Note: if the people of the Lord there will pray, then what looks like chaos and turmoil will actually bring forth good and a lot of good things there, says the Lord!)

8/31/2008 Kazakhstan and Mongolia, often times rather quiet and like to keep to yourself, but I see you taking a greater political role in your regions, as well as, among the nations. For you are rising to a greater political authority, declares the Lord, and your names shall be known among the nations!

8/31/2008 Mali, I see flood waters on your horizon; take cover and head for higher ground, says the Lord!

8/31/2008 Finland, I see your arm forces being made strong; for you shall strengthen your armed forces in the days ahead.

8/31/2008 Germany, there shall yet be a rise in your land in the automotive industry. Some form of a new technology and invention shall come forth out of your land and shall impact the nations once again, says the Lord!

8/31/2008 Italy, there shall arise a strong diplomatic power out of your borders, says the Lord!

5/24/2008 Zimbabwe, there shall be a sudden and abrupt change of power, says the Lord, and all remaining strongholds will be smitten by the Lord of hosts.

5/24/2008 Pakistan, there shall be many converts to Christians even in a time of great persecution and hostilities, but the Lord says that I shall place my name there and I shall pour out my spirit upon the government and the peoples of the land and I shall give them a sudden change of heart and mind, says the Lord and they shall turn towards me, declares the Lord!

5/24/2008 Uruguay, there is oil under your coasts, says the Lord!

5/23/2008 South Africa, get ready for the Lord says that I am taking you from the back to the forefront, and you shall be a light and a beacon; for I shall make you an example to the nations wherein men shall say how are they doing that, says the Lord! Wow! I see heavy economic prosperity coming to your nation and I see great, great change coming to your land, positive change. And you shall shine among the nations and you shall pass nations in economic success and prosperity, even great nations of old, says the Lord; for I have hidden wisdom within you. Wisdom is inside of your borders, says the Lord!

4/28/2008 Brazil, many evangelists shall be raised up upon your coasts and shall be sent out to the nations and political reforms come to your governments there, says the Lord!

4/28/2008 Cuba, years of hostilities and tensions shall leave your land and you shall make peace with your neighbors around you and you shall become a strong and respected voice to the Nations and within the United Nations; for I make you the voice of peace to the Nations, says the Lord!

4/28/2008 New Zealand, the righteous shall take the Nation, says the Lord! Great political and economic reforms are coming your way, declares the Lord; for I make you an example unto other nations where my light dwells, says the Lord!

4/28/2008 Australia, there shall be scientific research there shall even prove to the Nations that my name is real, says the Lord!

4/28/2008 Egypt, a Nation of old, you shall be aligned with my people, declares the Lord; though I had to judge you in the beginning, I shall restore you in the ending, says the Lord!

4/28/2008 Syria shall be mine, declares the Lord; for there is a pot of gold and silver hidden within your borders, says the almighty Lord of hosts!


12/3/2007 India, for you are like a sleeping giant that was waiting to be awakened, but now I say to you arise and go forth in great power as the bear with the claws out stretched; for I shall use you to pull down strongholds and to break the backbone of oppression. And many shall seek unto you for the wisdom that I have hid in you that is ancient and of old, says the Lord of host! Many shall be turned unto me in your land, says the Lord!


12/3/2007 United Arab Emirates, viewed by many as small, but yet so great is your influence. For I shall use you to influence many nations in the right direction and you shall have great power and authority over your brethren in the region, says the Lord! For you are small, but yet I shall make you great, says the living God!


12/3/2007 Yemen, rich with oil, but yet I will change your destiny and you shall bring many gifts unto me, and you shall know my name, says the Lord!


12/3/2007 Costa Rica, many that were poor there shall be made rich. Many entrepreneurs shall come out of thee and many will dominate real estate, says the Lord! For I make my shift, say the Lord!


12/3/2007 Venezuela, oh tossed and tempest, unsettled rest. I bring a settling to you and a change in your government in the days ahead. For I have made you a voice for me, a voice to defend the poor from the oppressor. Yet, many voices shall come out of you that shall impact the nations for my cause, says the Lord! Things that you have relied on in the past shall be shaken, but my hand shall stay upon you. For I bring a new order, says the Lord of host!


12/3/2007 Zimbabwe, stability comes, says the Lord!


12/3/2007 Spain, a Nation of old; I shall revitalize you from the inside out, says the Lord! And where you have fallen short and have forgotten my name; I shall cause you to remember the ancient of days and my name shall once again be heard in your streets, even in the midst of perilous times, says the spirit of God!


12/3/2007 Canada, you shall rule with dignity and honor. I put in your hand a rod of iron to smite the nations on my behalf, for you are a Nation that I have made strong and very courageous. Many thought that you would run, hide, and retreat, but I have called you to the battle. Only be strong and of a good courage, says the Lord! For I shall use you to change Nations, says the holy one of God!


12/3/2007 Norway, cold winds does blow upon thee. Cold winds do overtake thee. Do you not remember me, says the Lord! Does not my name come across your mind? Do you not recall the sweet fellowship and counsel that we once had together, says the Lord; for I shall stir up an east wind that shall travel across your nation that will remove all things that offends and uncover the secret parts that have lied in darkness. I shall cleanse and purify until there is a sound like me, and a voice like me, and a spirit like me. And the aroma of heaven shall burn within thee and I shall cause a new smell to go forth out of thee, and it shall be like the sweet smell of fragrance of the cedars of Lebanon, says the Lord! And I shall send forth revival out of thee into the entire region that shall touch Russia to the west and the United States to the east. Then you shall know that I am God and the nations shall say," the place that was once dark, great light now goes forth from thee;" for I, the Lord, have spoken it and I have purposed it and my counsel shall not be annulled, says the Lord! For my roots are in thee, says the Lord!


11/30/2007 Chad, you shall have a new government that shall take you in a new direction and bring new reforms, says the Lord!


11/30/2007 Ukraine, fear not says the Lord! For I am raising up a new voice there that shall speak my voice to the nation and my church shall become a strong voice there, says the Lord! You shall stand strong in the midst of persecution, says the Lord!


9/4/2007 Mexico! Mexico! Many storms have come your way, but know that I am the builder and maker of all things, says the Lord; for this shall not be to your demise, but my favor is upon you and your coasts shall see prosperity like never before. They shall be beautified like the meek with salvation. For prosperity shall hit your coasts unlike anything that you have ever seen before, says God! For I bring great change unto you in this hour. And I shall rebuild you myself as the Garden of Eden, as the garden of roses. You shall be sweet like the cedars of Lebanon, says the Lord your God!


8/9/2007 China, the rise of a great one; for you shall grow up to be very strong in the land, says the Lord!


8/8/2007 Uzbekistan, the Lord is saying reform is coming to you. Things will change in a moment's time.


8/7/2007 United States, this Nation must pray. For I am bringing a shift and a change, says the Lord! For many winds shall be blowing in your land because change is on the horizon, and you will begin to see a change in your government, for I am bringing complete and new change in the high places of your government. For I am restructuring my order, says the Lord!


8/4/2007 Kenya, shall come into great reform, says the Lord of hosts!


7/31/2007 In this hour, you shall see North Korea and South Korea become one nation again. They shall merge and return back to their original state of oneness and unity and the hand of the Lord shall prosper there. The Church there will explode in great growth and heavy financial prosperity. There will be great economic development there like never before. Watch out! For Korea is on the rise, says the Lord!


7/29/2007 You will begin to see that spirit of murder and rape begin to leave Sudan, Rwanda, and the Uganda area and the terrorism there will begin to cease, says the Lord! For I am releasing a new Apostolic Order there in these nations, and the church will begin to grow and arise and become a very powerful voice for me, says the Lord, and I will cause my people to prosper in a dry and barren land. Those that put their trust in me shall see my hand, that everyone around them shall experience great change. For great change shall come to these Nations, declares the Lord!


7/29/2007 My hand is upon Uganda for good and I'm bringing change in the governments there, says the Lord!


7/29/2007 I am shaking Ethiopia again says the Lord and great harvests of souls shall come forth to me from the land. For Ethiopia belongs to me, declares the Lord! Ethiopia shall see my rain, declares the Lord!


7/29/2007 Ghana, There is coming a time of cleansing and purification there, says the Lord! And I will begin to cleanse you of corruptions there; for my eyes have seen the secret things of men and at this time my hand is moved, says the Lord!


7/29/2007 United Kingdom, I am bringing reform to the Church there. Get ready for a season of reformation, says the Lord! 

7/29/2007 Russia, this has been a dark hour for you, says the Lord, but my hand and my favor shall be upon my people there, says the Lord!