We are called to be a light and a beacon to the whole world in the darkest hour upon the earth, to bring a radiant light to the Nations and to enlighten the people with the word of God as the voice of God.


Ensign to the Nations is your Global Prophetic Voice for the Lord Jesus, the Savior of mankind, even all that will accept and receive him. (Now go look at John 1:10-12)


First of all, Ensign to the Nations is not just a regular ministry, but we are a powerful global and prophetic outreach authority, and we are a voice to the nations and their governments and their leadership, as well as to all the people of the land, and to the Body of Christ in the earth. Our main goal and purpose is to shed forth light and to open blinded eyes with the Word of the Lord for our current days and our current times. Look at Isaiah 42:5-7, Isaiah 55:3-6 & Isaiah 44:6-7.