Prophets Declare What You See And Hear 2021 Archives

6-18-2021 The Lord says, it will turn out for your good and not your hurt. Let me have my way in the process, declares the Lord!

6-17-2021 The Lord says, play the game, and play the game well, and beat them at their own game. They meant evil against you, but I am going to turn it around for good, and it will work for your good and to your advantage by the time I am finished working my power, says the Lord!

6-16-2021 I heard the Lord say, you have seen the warfare, but now I will extend peace to you like a river, and things will shift favorably for you.

6-15-2021 The Lord says, don’t look to man, but look to me. Some things have not been working quite right in your life, because you have been looking to man as your source instead of looking to me. I have to be your source of healing, your source of supplies, your source of peace of mind, your source of comfort, your source of finances, your source of provision, your source of victory, and your source of breakthroughs. I am the main source, but you have to make me your source and keep me as your source and your needs will be met, says the Lord!

6-14-2021 The Lord says, don’t look backwards when I am taking you forward. The things in front of you are more important than the things that are behind you, declares the Lord!

6-13-2021 The Lord says, the tide waters will rise in some places, but I will always make sure that you are on higher grounds so that the currents of life do not overtake you and break you, says the Lord God!

6-12-2021 The Lord says, do not be fooled by the delay or what looks like a pause in action, but I am aware, I am awake, and I am moving in situations even when you can’t see or tell what I am doing, says the Lord!

6-11-2021 The Lord says, that is the end of their evil empire and evil reign that have destroyed the lives and destinies of countless thousands and more. Watch as I continue to bring down corruption and the strongholds of the mighty; for there is none mightier than I, says the Lord! They will have to loose their evil control over you, declares the Lord! The shaking and the shifting will take them down, and you will say, “My, how the mighty have fallen,” says the Lord! The Lord says, don’t worry, you will rejoice again!

6-10-2021 The Lord says, sometimes people have gone to great lengths and great extremes to destroy your life and to block, stop, or hinder your destiny, but I will overturn their dark works in the night and bring about my outcome in your life, says the Lord!

6-9-2021 The Lord says, keep your eyes open, and do not sleep on what is happening in this hour; for many changes are on the horizon, but I am there in the midst to guide you and to direct you and give instructions for your safety, says the Lord!

6-8-2021 The Lord God says, sometimes a face is chosen to represent a movement, and sometimes a person standing in a high office is the face that a movement chose to represent their causes, but not everything that you see and not everyone that you see represents me, says the Lord! In this hour you will have to inquire of me to find out who is who and what is what. Ask me for discernment to know, and I will reveal and show what I know, says the Lord! See Hosea 8:4 and Isaiah 30:1-3.

6-7-2021 The Lord says, patience is what is required of you to obtain the promises. Along the way there will be some tests, but your persistent faith is what will help you to overcome everything, so do not waver and stay in faith for the right things, and do not waste time pondering on the wrong things that is to no avail for you, declares the Lord!

6-6-2021 The purpose of a windshield in a vehicle is to shield you from the powers of the wind so you can breathe. The Lord says, I will be your windshield in this hour, because the great winds are getting ready to blow, declares the Lord! See Ezekiel 13:10-11 and Isaiah 32:1-2. I heard the Lord Say, there is coming a great wind, a great flood, a great shaking, a great tumult in the land, and a great uprooting in the land.

6-5-2021 The Lord says, there is nothing for you to fear, especially when you know that I have your back, and I am in the midst of things. Fear not the threats of man, but adhere to my plan and keep on doing what I have instructed you to do, because the time is short and the end of all things is at hand and many yet have to be reached before it is too late, declares the Lord!

6-4-2021 The Lord says, watch the earthquakes and watch how the ground shakes; for I will shake up systems of corruption, and things will pick up steam like a locomotive’s combustion. A lot of corrupt systems will tumble down like that of an avalanche, because they fall all at once. I have set things in motion, says the Lord!

6-3-2021 The Lord says, where there is no oxygen for a fire, the fire goes out, and where there is no fuel for a fire, the fire goes out. Both of those things fuels and feeds a fire, but in the absence of both of those things the fire dies down and the fire goes out, and the wind has nothing to carry from place to place. In this season of your life, I am causing the fires of fury to die down and to die out in your life, and there will be no fuel for the enemy to continue his campaign against your life, and there will be nothing for the winds to carry and for those who loves to fan the flames, declares the Lord of Glory! See Psalm 29:7, Isaiah 43:2, and Daniel 3:26-27.

6-2-2021 The Father says, I am cleaning up and clearing up the debris in your life after the many life storms and pains, and you are coming into a time of restoration, renewal, and positioning and sudden elevation, says the Lord! The Lord says further to some of you that you endured and you have passed a major test. Now you will see what I can do as I promote you and close doors to the adversary that would try to cut you off and block your access in life. In this season, your enemies will be scattered as I position you with the sword of my glory for what I have called you to do, says the Lord!

6-1-2021 The Lord says, they may rejoice in evil, but that ‘evil’ will turn around for you and you will ‘live’ instead, declares the Lord!

5-31-2021 The Lord says, even when you see the storm clouds, I am in the midst of the storm to control things so that you do not get hurt or harmed as it rolls through. There are certain things that I will not allow to touch you, says the Lord!

5-30-2021 The Lord says, you can’t let your emotions get the best of you in the position that you hold, but be reasonable as you make decisions that is going to follow you for the rest of your life.

5-29-2021 The Lord says, I am taking you in a different way in this season, and the direction I have for you now will shift things in a smooth surface versus a rough surface so that you can slide into my will.

5-28-2021 The Lord says, you cannot have divided interests, but everything in you must align with my Spirit and my will for your life. When you do have divided interests, one things cancels out the others and zaps away the energy from the other and from the main thing that I am calling you to work on at that time. The Lord says, do not let your head be hard in this season, but learn to listen when I am talking to you and giving you wisdom and direction for your life in these crucial times, because it will be crucial for you to listen to my voice and what I am saying to you by my Spirit as Noah did when it was time for a great flood, declares the Spirit of the Living God!

5-27-2021 The Lord says, no amount of money can compare to the love I have for you, and it is because of that love that I will protect you and continually guide you. Watch how the next blessed chapter of your life unfolds, says the Lord!

5-26-2021 The Lord says, be prepared even as many are unprepared and distracted by various things in life. Be prepared for what I could suddenly do that could catch the nations off guard. Many things in this hour will catch many people suddenly by surprise that they were not expecting, some good, some bad. Be prepared for the suddenlies and the unexpected things, says the Lord!

5-25-2021 The Lord says, the enemy seeks to overwhelm you and to over-magnify whatever circumstances, but as you walk steadfastly with me, you will see all adverse situations against you scatter swiftly, says the Lord!

5-24-2021 The Lord says, be mindful of sound doctrine during these times, and stick with that which is sound so that you are not led astray. If you allow my Spirit to have his way, he will lead you into all truth to keep you liberated and free from all hurt, harm, and danger.

5-23-2021 As a sprinkler system is set in place to water the grass, so will I sprinkle you and water you with much blessings and benefits in this season, says the Lord! See Psalm 65:9-13, Psalm 72:6, Ezekiel 34:26-27, and also Psalm 68:9-12. I also heard the Lord say that places that have been in great drought will see great waters and even all of sudden in some places. Now look up Isaiah 41:17-18, Isaiah 43:19-21, and then also 2 Kings 3:15. (Be sure to look all of these Scriptures up, because it is going to activate blessings in your life once you do, and there will be this continual flow of blessings for you as you believe and be faithful to the Lord. I heard God on this one, and many of you will see this thing manifest for you as you believe the Word of the Lord! The Lord is canceling out the dry places in your life!)

5-22-2021 The Lord says, stand fast in your purpose, stay focused in that purpose, and you will discover great jewels along the way, and you will be sustained in that purpose as you walk with me, says the Lord!

5-21-2021 Stay the course, says the Lord, and be not moved away from the hope of the Gospel and the vision that I have put within you. Know that the particulars have already been worked out, and I will cause things to work in your favor and to flow in your direction again, says the Lord!

5-20-2021 The Lord says, when you prejudge a matter without getting to know the ins and outs of the details, then you make a wrong decision, but when you allow my Spirit to lead and guide you and open your eyes to see things how I see them, then you will see how to make the right choices as they come your way. This season for you is about making right choices which will shape and shift your life into those good things that I have for you, but up until now you have been limited in what you have been seeing from my hand by the choices that you have made that kept back my best from you, says the Lord! Now is the time for you to shift and to change your trajectory so the kind of flow that I intended for you can come your way in abundance, says the Lord! Why go back and forth around the same old mountain and why continue to beat a dead horse to no avail, but shift now and you will see a shift now in every area of your life and the things that comes to you, declares the Lord!

5-19-2021 The Lord says, pray about it before you do it and let me confirm it before you pursue it. Then you will know that it is me and not just an idea of your soul and of your own mind, says the Lord!

5-18-2021 The Lord says, don’t focus on what is trying to take you out, but focus more on what I am doing to put you in position and to put you into place. You will win with my focus before you, says the Lord!

5-17-2021 The Lord says, patience and faith are keys to you getting to where you want to go and where I need you to be in life. Don’t lose sight of the promise, because I am still in the process of bringing things to pass in your life. In due time, you will see all that I have been working on for your life, says the Lord!

5-16-2021 The Lord says, things will happen pretty quickly and in the twinkling of an eye, so you have to stay in tune to my Spirit and what I am doing, says the Lord! Many will not know what is going on, and many will not know what I am doing, so they will be baffled and puzzled the turn of event that will take place shortly. I am pouring out something new and doing a lot of thing suddenly and differently, declares the Lord!

5-15-2021 The Lord says, I am taking shame off of you in this season, and I am restoring the image that I originally created for you to have and to walk in and be known by.

5-14-2021 The Lord says, think it not strange if I am moving in your life in a new way in this season. I have many good surprises in store for you even in the midst of the smoke and the clouds that you see in today’s world. Amidst the turmoil, you will still see my hand and my blessings being poured at among you. You will see what I can do even in the midst of a perfect storm, declares the Lord!

5-13-2021 The Lord says, the supply that I have will never run dry, so dry your eyes and know that I am your all sufficient supply, declares the Lord!

5-12-2021 The Lord says, you have had to deal with greater challenges more than most, but you will see greatest elevation and greater manifestations than anyone else. The greater fight leads to the greater blessings, declares the Lord!

5-11-2021 The Lord says, they said you could not, would not, and cannot make it, but in this season I am sending a rebuke to them, and I will cause my fire to fall, and they will see that I called you, and you will make it, succeed, and be successful at all that I have called you to do, says the Lord!

5-10-2021 The Lord says, don’t make moves in haste, but carefully think things out and allow me the time and the space to confirm it.

5-9-2021 The Lord is saying that you have to know better than anyone else when it comes to your purpose and assignment. You have to be confident in that which I have spoken to you and be at peace in your heart about it, says the Lord!

5-8-2021 The Lord says, quit focusing on those things that are not going to produce change, and focus on the things that will produce faith in your life and bring forth the positive changes that you need to bring forth the right types of the harvest in your life.

5-7-2021 The Lord says, don’t just look at things out of the corner of your eyes, but you have to turn to get the full and complete view in order to see the whole picture correctly. Do not assume things based on a corner view, but look at things from the full scope of things, and you will see what I intend for you to see, says the Lord!

5-6-2021 The Lord says, anchor yourself in me and do not be led astray by every wind of strange doctrines in this hour; for you will hear many strange things, but I am the guide and the teacher for your life. Your soul belongs to me, and you must do all of your part to keep your soul anchored in me and in the things of God. As you do, then you will find that you will be very well anchored when the winds blow; for the strong winds, even very strong winds will blow, says the Lord, but those that find themselves in me will find refuge and strength, because I will be the anchor of my people, says the Lord!

5-5-2021 The Lord says, align with what I am doing, and you will not get brought to ruins. Align with what I am doing, and I will put you on the right path of what you should be pursuing, declares the Lord God!

5-4-2021 The Lord says, I already predestined you to win and to overcome anything and everything that comes your way. You have the keys of the Kingdom in your hand, so use it to unlock the things of your destiny that remains hidden from you, says the Lord! You are already predestined to go high, even very high, so the warfare that you faced from enemy opposition confirms that, but I have already given you the victory over all adversaries and they will see you as I place you at the top in their face just like Joseph and David, declares the Lord! You have been anointed to handle the level of warfare that you have had to deal with, says the Spirit of the Living God!

5-3-2021 The Lord says, my covering is over your life, and up until now I have saved your life from destruction, and I will not let anything touch you that goes beyond my control. I have you favored for this season and the next season, declares the Lord!

5-2-2021 The Lord says, a great light has arisen, but people continue to reject that light, but their answer is in that light. Their healing is in that light says the Lord, but they keep on looking to some other source for their healing. Their breakthrough for finances are in that light. Healing for their own marriage and family is in that light. The hope that they need is in that light. The restoration that they keep crying out for in their lives is in that light. The inner peace that they need and healing for everything in their lives, including their mind, is in that light. I am that Light, declares the Lord, and my hand is able to heal, restore, bind up, and make whole again, declares the Spirit of the Living God!

5-1-2021 The Lord says, the tides will turn in your favor and will wash things in your way. You will turn over a new leaf and see things in a new light, and in this new light will be the restoration that you need to press forth in a new way and into the next harvest of your life, says the Lord!

4-30-2021 The Lord says, in the still of the night I will answer you. In the busyness of the day I pass by you, and I bait you to see if I can lead you away in time with me. I oftentimes try to lure you with my Spirit. It is my Spirit that will enlighten you and refresh you and comfort you. I am the ever present God, and I am always there and near even very close to you. I try to get your attention so that I can talk to you more often than you think. From your perspective, you think that you always need to be the one that is talking, but learning to get still and listen is one more thing that you must learn to do. It is in listening to my Spirit that I will reveal my instructions for your life and destiny that brings your purpose to life. You don’t have to guess in what to do if you would get quiet and take the time out to listen. Listen to what my Spirit is saying to you, and you will be surprised at some of the answers, declares the Lord God!

4-29-2021 I hear the Spirit of the Lord say, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Only bite off the portion that I have allotted and ordained for you to bite off lest you be overwhelmed with more than you can handle at the moment. You will have to balance things out in this season of your life and consolidate some things in order to see how you can be most effective at what I am calling you to do. This is needed so that you don’t be stretched too thin. You will be the most effective when you narrow things down and fine tune things that you can put all of your energy towards to make an impact, says the Lord!

4-28-2021 The Lord says, don’t forget to show love and appreciation as I take you up, but you must remember me as I remember you and take you up. You are up for my promotion, says the Lord!

4-27-2021 The Lord says, you will need to give people some leeway to make some mistakes and show them a little grace, because you will need some too in your life. Sometimes another chance maybe needed to get to where I intend for you to go, says the Lord!

4-26-2021 The Lord says, the things that were troubling your life are coming to an end, and you will have a fresh wind to breathe, and you will finally be able to catch your breath for a change. In this season, I bring you into a time of refreshing and a change of scenery by my hand, declares the Lord!

4-25-2021 The Lord says, my delayed response is not always a denial, but oftentimes it means that I am preparing something bigger, something better, and something special for you, so learn to be patient in your wait time.

4-24-2021 The Lord says, the shift is already in motion, but blessings shall be your portion. This time it will last, as you take your time now instead of running fast, declares the Lord!

4-23-2021 The Lord says, don’t look at the giants. Do not look at the size of the giants, because I will bring them down before you. The size of the giants don’t matter to me, because I am bigger than them all, and I will give you my grace that is bigger than them all, says the Lord!

4-22-2021 The Lord says, I am going to make it easy on those of you that has had a rough transition. I will cause you to re-evaluate some things, and you will see the way forward in a way that redirects your steps, says the Lord!

4-21-2021 The Lord says, constructive, right, godly relationships brings wisdom into your life, but evil relationships are designed to destroy your life, business, marriage, finances, family, church, ministry, your destiny, and your entire livelihood. You need the eyes of the Spirit to spot and detect imposters that are sent as a setup to take you down and to try to disrupt my plans in your life. If you will follow the leading of my Spirit, I will take you around some things and take you above the destiny traps. This is your time for some new insight, declares the Lord!

4-20-2021 The Lord says, the only backlash can come to you by you obeying me is called persecution, but keep in mind that blessings comes with persecution. The more you seem to be persecuted the more blessings that you will see show up, and then you can be thankful for your enemies, declares the Lord, so smile!

4-19-2021 The Lord says, you have been learning and processing, and you have achieved some things, but the greater for you is yet to come. Your next steps will define the next few months and the seasons of your life. I will lead you, says the Lord! Then you will know and see the path that I have for you, declares the Lord!

4-18-2021 The Lord says, find the breach in your life and fix the breach, and your dreams will be pure and will not be manipulated by the enemy to deceive you. Then you will know and see the path that I have for you, declares the Lord!

4-17-2021 The Lord says, be still and know that I am God. Don’t focus on the rough places that have been hard for you, but know that my plan still awaits you, and in this season I am calling you into that plan. My plan is perfect and on that path is my peace. Don’t be broken or dismayed at those things that you even see around you, but know that I have created a path for you to be delivered and to go around the obstacles that have been blinding your view and obstructing your vision, and trying to take and break your focus. I am greater than all of those things, and I have a plan for your life that is greater than the things that you now currently see. If you press deeper into me, I will reveal that plan and purpose and set you on the right path for your life, says the Lord! Do not fear me setting you on the right path and putting you in right alignment; for I know all things that are up ahead and in front of you, declares the Spirit of the Living God!

4-16-2021 The Lord says, a focused mind tuned into my Spirit can overcome anything. You just have to stay focused whenever those things in your life tries to overwhelm you and overcome you. There is help and strength in me, declares the Lord!

4-15-2021 This is a season where the Lord is going to visit you through the dream realm, and you will be given mysteries and messages through the realm of dream. Some will be clear and others will be encoded messages that will require special interpretations as you seek the Lord or others for insight. The Lord is going to make you both curious and aware through the dream realm in this season. You will see things clearly as if you are watching TV or a movie, but it will not be without significance and very important meaning is what the Spirit of God is showing me.

4-14-2021 The Lord God says, it is best not to get yourself involved in situations that I do not approve of to avoid damage or pain in your life. If I did not say it or sanction it, then it is best to stand clear of it, says the Lord!

4-13-2021 The Lord says, determination goes far past your emotions and how you feel, but it will take you to the finish line if you ignore how you feel and don’t let your emotions get the best of you. 

4-12-2021 The Lord says, don’t blink whenever things look much different than I told you, but continue to walk by faith as you are passing through whatever dark valley that appears as a smokescreen and a distraction to deter you from all of the things that I am telling you. Don’t set your mind on the tactics of the enemy, but be more focused on what I am telling you and how I am guiding you and leading now, says the Lord!

4-11-2021 The Lord says, set not your eyes upon them, but set your eyes upon me and what I am doing in your life and be enlarged and be amazed at how I, The Most High God, is moving in your life; for I will astonish you, says the Lord God!

4-10-2021 The Lord God says, nothing will embarrass you that is greater than my power to heal and restore. I will heal and restore all things in my timing as it concerns you, says the Lord!

4-9-2021 The Lord says, stop focusing on the things of the past and look at where I am taking you now. Look at what I am doing in your life now, and let not the past be a snare to you. I have already washed you and cleansed you from your past, so walk in the newness and the authority of what I have done for you, says the Lord!

4-8-2021 The Lord says, be not too eager in anything, because I have all things planned for your life. You will spend the rest of your life just catching up with what I have already done for you and set in place for you before you were sent here in the womb. I have purposed and predestined your life to do great things, and you will need my strength. Look to me and not yourself, and you will find the strength, energy, and stamina that you need to succeed and to press forward in me, says the Lord God!

4-7-2021 The Lord says, you will not be robbed. Everything that you have done and have sown will come up for reward and the harvest will be plentiful, says the Lord! The Lord says, do you not know that I have sponsored your way, and I positioned you for your purpose? Your purpose comes from me, so do not allow people to talk you out of your purpose, says the Lord!

4-6-2021 The Lord says, don’t focus on the ‘How’ so much as the ‘When’ simply because when you get to stepping in my will all things will line up to be fulfilled that I have promised you, declares the Lord!

4-5-2021 The Lord God says, do not forget to include me in your transition. Do not forget to include me in your thoughts, but keep me as a central part of your life, and things will go well with you. Things will go well when you follow the blueprint and the path that I have for you, says the Lord!

4-4-2021 The Lord says, I brought you into transition and brought you into something new, but in this season I will take you into something even better. What I have for you is greater, says the Lord!

4-3-2021 The Lord says, take the necessary precautions to protect yourself in the natural, but know ultimately that I am the one that is really protecting you and guarding over you.

4-2-2021 The Lord says, when a nation turns from righteousness, every form of evil will erupt in that nation. I urge my people to pray for the nation where they live.

4-1-2021 The Lord says, change your thinking and you will change your harvest and what you see manifested in your life. This is your moment of truth, declares the Lord!

3-31-2021 I had a dream last night, and in the dream an old gray headed lady gave me $945 million dollars. Then another lady came on gave me $845 million dollars, and as I began to share it with certain people around me and that was serving with me, it began to multiply even more, and it just kept multiplying, and then several more people, both women and men, young and old kept coming bringing me these huge sums of money in similar amounts like the first two, and I could clearly see the amounts by number in the dream, and I was able to count it physically in the dream. In the dream I could see certain faces that I knew, but mostly it was people around me that I did not know and had never seen before, and one person I knew of but had never met before that was serving with me in the vision of the Lord that he gave me. I did not know any of the people that were bringing me the large sums of money in the dream, but it just keep multiplying after they gave it to me. Then all of a sudden the people that were around me and serving in the vision started to receive large lumps and sums of money in the same way that I was receiving it, but it was coming from different people that they did not know and had never met. The same person never came to any of us twice, but it was always new ones every time. The people that were bringing us the money did not look like they were rich or wealthy people. Some even looked very poor, so you cannot judge by the outer appearance of people, because you never know how the Lord is going to use certain people in your life at any given point. When I awoke from this dream, I heard the Lord say, what I showed you in this dream was the wealth transfer. Tell my people to get ready for a major wealth transfer. Some of you the Lord will make into a billionaire in just one day, and the money will be coming with a purpose and with a heavy Kingdom assignment. However, some will be for you and for your needs and upkeep too, and the Lord will continue to bless you and to multiply you. In this season, the Lord is saying, I will suddenly change and shift your trajectory, and you will suddenly find yourself in the center of my will and in the things that I showed you 20 or more years ago or several years prior. I will make what I am doing in your life a priority in this season, and you will not go lacking, and I will not be mocked, but my goodness will be seen in your life for all to see my glory and how good I am, says the Lord! The Lord says, your obedience will be the key to you getting more, declares the Spirit of the Living God!

3-30-2021 The Lord says, I won’t let them destroy or tear down what I have built up in you, but I will defend what I have worked so hard to create in you all of these years. You leave them up to me, declares the Lord!

3-29-2021 The Lord says, steer clear of those that have a contentious spirit, because they cause you to fall from your steadfastness, but continue in my Word, and I will lead you by my Spirit, says the Spirit of the Living God!

3-28-2021 The Lord God says, some things are going to take longer than you think, but that is why I gave you patience so that you can endure the process in those seasons that I am working behind the scenes wherein you cannot see what I am doing. Some things take time, but while I work out the process and the details, continue to be patient as I put every piece and part together to show you the big picture in the end, says the Lord!

3-27-2021 The Lord says, be not weary in well doing; for I am taking up your case in this season to bring about a right result. Where it looked like you were on the backburner, you will now be suddenly shifted to the forefront, declares the Lord!

3-26-2021 The Lord says, the portion that I allotted to you in this life I will not allow the enemy to take it, but I will preserve it, and you so that you will prosper in the days ahead. Watch how you align with my Spirit, and do not get out of alignment with my Spirit; for the days ahead will require your complete and impartial alignment where I have you positioned. Where I have you positioned now, I have you positioned there for your future. However, I will make a few asymmetrical changes in your life that will require your patience and faith on your part. Fear not the necessary changes that I will make, but trust that I know what I am doing in your life at all times, declares the Lord!

3-25-2021 The Lord says, certain religious teachings has distorted how my people see me, and it has even challenged the faith of some, but truly I am a good God and Father to all that call upon my name. Those that call upon my name will see me and know that I love them and that I am for them and with them. They will see my hand at work in their lives, and they will see my glory show up for them time and time again to achieve a glorious Kingdom result, and I will pour out my Spirit upon all such ones that trust in me and rely on me to be their God and their provider. My Spirit on them will pull in the blessings and everything else that they need to be successful in the earth, declares the Lord!

3-24-2021 The Lord says, I am shifting the things that are most important to your heart, and I am shifting all things that are dear to my heart, and I am shifting all things into alignment with my will so that all things can be fulfilled. This will be a season of acceleration and expansion for you, declares the Spirit of the Living God!

3-23-2021 The Lord says, I am your helper, so don’t be dismayed by other things, but know that I am the one that will help you and love on you when you need it the most. I am always there for you, says the Lord!

3-22-2021 The Lord says, the well will not run dry, and I will cause you to be fruitful and multiply. I will replenish that which you have sown, and the seeds of your labor will come up for harvest in this season, says the Lord!

3-21-2021 The Lord says, the path that I have for you will take you through some interesting twists and turns in certain seasons of your life, but they are necessary to get you to the place that I would have you to be and so you would appreciate where you are when I land you in the place that I have ordained for you. This season is about you landing and not falling flat on your face, says the Lord!

3-20-2021 The Lord says, the people that help the witches and the wizards will get the same punishment and judgment as them; for their judgment will come swiftly and suddenly in this season, declares the Lord!

3-19-2021 The Lord says, nothing can shackle you if I have already set you free. You will see just how free you are in this season, says the Lord!

3-18-2021 The Lord says, if you could figure out every piece, then you would not need me, but because there are mysteries in your life and parts of the equation that you do not understand still, it has led you to me so you can try to get me to fill in the blanks for you and to bring all those missing pieces of the puzzle together in your life. I have the answers for you, says the Lord!

3-17-2021 The Lord says, you can give people the benefit of the doubt, but I weigh the hearts and the intents of people, and I see and know all there is to know about. I can see their motives and their intentions even before they do them, so trust me to guide you when it comes to the people in and around your life, says the Lord!

3-16-2021 I hear the Lord say, let go of the burden, because that is what is hurting you. When you let go of the burden, then you will find peace and will see the next thing that I have for you, says the Lord!

3-15-2021 The Lord says, the past is the past, so move on with your future, and do not continue to go around in circles or continue to circle around a dead mountain. What happened back then is not your future. Your future is sealed in my hands, and as you continue to press into me, then you will see what great surprises that I have in store for you, says the Lord! My will for you is always good, but you have been reluctant to fully trust me and to give me a chance to prove the sincerity of my love to you, says the Lord! Your negative experiences in life was not always by my hand, says the Lord, but it was at the hands of your own decisions or by the hands of your adversaries. However, my love have been there covering you through it all. My people do not always give me the chance to make decisions for them when it comes to a lot of things in their lives and destinies, but oftentimes they overlook, overrule, and override my counsel when I do bring it to them, or they ignore how I feel, what I think, and what I want for their lives altogether, says the Lord! Sometimes my people allow their heads to be hard and they end up experiencing some things that I never ordained for them to go through or to suffer, but their choices gives the adversary access to their lives to bring damage and to bring harm. I will for my people to have peace and to see good things, but not everyone always take that path, my path, says the Lord!

3-14-2021 The Lord says, don’t let nothing shake your faith, because I have shielded you with my grace. Circumstances around you can change and shift, but in me it is always for the better. Never question my integrity, because I am always looking out for your best interest in the long run and in the short-term, and I have covered you and protected you even from your birth. That is the reason that you are still here, says the Lord!

3-13-2021 The Lord God says, check your faith, and bring it in check and in line with what I am doing in this season in your life, and you will discover an unlimited realm of possibilities that I am setting before you.

3-12-2021 The Lord says, being frustrated at a matter is not going to fix it, but turning that care over to me will get things shifted in the right direction for you. Know your purpose in this fight, and trust me, and you will soon see that everything will be alright, declares the Lord God!

3-11-2021 The Lord says, Sometimes how they are seeing it is wrong, but how you see it needs to be my way. Don’t let others deceive you or try to talk you out of what I have already spoken and ordained to be even if they have a problem with it. They are not me, and I will have the final say in the matter, says the Lord!

3-10-2021 The Lord says, do not count out how I am speaking to you in a given season. I do not always speak to you in the same ways. I may choose to use a movie as a form of confirmation for you or I may choose to use a prophet or some other means such as a book or something other than my Holy Spirit, but in all of those things it is still my Spirit that is at work in talking with you and communicating my messages to you. Do not get discouraged in this season, because I am not speaking to you in the traditional way that you are accustomed too, but allow me to broaden your horizon and show you other ways that you did not consider how I would talk to you. I will shock you and surprise you how I will answer you and confirm many things for you in this season, says the Lord! 

3-9-2021 The Lord says, if you can stand the pressure, then you can stand the blessing that comes along with the persecution. Just know that your persecutors are helping you to get the blessing, because they qualify you for them with their persecutions, declares the Spirit of Grace!  

3-8-2021 The Lord says, taking chances without my permission is based on your assumption of what you think might happen, but stepping out on a sure word from me is sure ground to walk on, declares the Lord! 

3-7-2021 The Lord says, learn to be patient while I am working things out in the process. The process may take longer for some of you, but don’t be discouraged, because it will all work out for you eventually in the end of what seems like a lengthy process, declares the Lord! 

3-6-2021 The Lord says, I will shake all wicked and evil systems, and they will not know peace when they do not align with my plans, but I will be a refuge for the innocent and for my people and for those that have no ability to stand up to those things that are harmful to them and to their destiny. I will defend them, says the Lord!  

3-5-2021 The Lord says, anything that does not include me is standing on shaky ground, but all things that are rooted and grounded in me will be able to stand during any kind of shaking. 

3-4-2021 The Lord says, the enemy seeks to cause confusion in your life, but I seek to bring peace and stability. In this season, I will rebuke the works of the enemy in your life that wants to bring chaos and confusion, and I will cause you to be on a solid footing with my backing, says the Lord! 

3-3-2021 The Lord says, though things may have been hard for you for a season, I am going to cause you to pick up the pieces of the puzzle that had fallen apart so you can put them back together again and see the bigger picture of where you are going in this season and why. Things won’t puzzle you no more, and you will have clarity of vision and purpose, says the Lord!

3-2-2021 The Lord says, do not be sad or grieved at what you see, because what you don’t see just yet that I am working on is greater and better.

3-1-2021 The Lord says, in a season of testing, remember what I told you before the test came and hold fast to that. What I promised you still stands. As you endure the tests you will see the rewards that come forth on the other side of you passing them, says the Lord!

2-28-2021 The Lord God says, you will not be ashamed in this hour, but I will take measures to protect you and to advance my causes in the midst of what you perceive as darkness all around you in the earth. My arm is still not shortened that it cannot save, declares the Lord!

2-27-2021 The Lord says, I am already involved in the situation, and what I have been doing all this while behind the scenes on your behalf to aid you will come to the forefront in this season to give you a sure victory. The Lord God says, you will gets rewards in this season, sudden and good rewards, says God!

2-26-2021 The Spirit of the Lord says, you are moving to a higher level, in the realm of the Spirit and in the natural. Get prepared for your promotion, because it will take you quickly and by sudden surprise. You just go elevated, says the Lord!

2-25-2021 The Lord says, all of the attacks, the distractions, the pressure, and the heat coming from the enemy is because of the expansion, the elevation, the promotion, and where I am taking you to in this season just like what you saw in the life of Joseph, David, and Job. Fear not what you see and fear not the enemy’s threats, but know that if I allowed it to come, I have plans to defeat your enemies just like I did with Pharaoh and his army hosts at the Red Sea with Moses and the children of Israel, declares the Lord!

2-24-2021 The God Lord says, you need to be consistent in your faith even when people are not around you or watching you. It is your consistent faith that will break things open for you, says the Lord! This season for you is about your faith, says the Lord! Your faith will move those mountains that you see and your faith will get the victory over all things that are challenging you, declares the Lord!

2-23-2021 The Lord says, don’t get comfortable, because it looks like there is a break in the storm. You have been in the eye of the storm for a brief moment, but what is coming next will shock the nations of the world and will shake them severely, but I will indeed be the light and the hope of my people, declares the Lord!

2-22-2021 The Lord says, this is a season where you do not want to be stretched too thin, but this is a season for you to multitask and get some pressing things done. Time is of the essence in what I am doing for you, but it is important that you cooperate with my Spirit as I progress you and cause you to make progress in life. It is in your quiet time that my wisdom will guide you, and you will hear my voice through my wisdom, says the Lord!

2-21-2021 The Lord says, don’t try to see everything up front, but just trust the process and just let things flow. I know what I am doing, and I know how I am working things out for you, and not just for the short-term, but also for the long-term, says the Lord! I have the master blueprint in my hand for your life, and I will cause a new thing to come forth, says the Lord!

2-20-2021 The Lord says, it is not the end of the road for you, but I will show you what I can do with your mess and by the time I am done you will really have a message to tell others, and you will testify of my goodness, says the Lord!

2-19-2021 The Lord says, it is a transition to journey over to the new thing, but have some patience in that process, and you will see the fruit and the rewards from it once it is all done. You have to transition now to be secure for your future, says the Lord!

2-18-2021 The Lord says, as you make progress I will continue to show you my will and to make another piece of the puzzle known to you. I will show you and reveal my will to you and unfold mysteries to you in this season through the dream realm. Things will be so vivid and clear like you are watching a movie, says the Lord!

2-17-2021 The Lord says, nothing is impossible for me, but can you believe that I can make those things that you are believing for possible for you? In this season you will find out that I am the possible God and what I do will stir up your faith and activate another level of faith in you, says the Lord!

2-16-2021 The Lord says, by how the winds blow, you will know where things are going and who did what. You will see a new shift in the winds that will take things in another direction, declares the Lord! The winds of favor will blow your way, says the Lord!

2-15-2021 The Lord says, be at peace and know that I am holding you up. For a long time now I have been upholding you with the right hand of my righteousness, and it has not been by your own strength, power, and might. I have caused you to see my favor when things could have gone another way. I have shown you my hand when you did not have a plan and could not seem to understand. I have shown you my strength when you were weak and down. I have shown you my light in times of darkness in your life, and today and the rest of your days will be no different, but you will see me show up for you time and time again and in ways that you have not and that you have never seen me show before. I will show up for you in ways that you could have never imagined. You asked for a sign to know if I am still there for you, and I will show you by showing up for you, and I will show you my goodness and my mercy, and you will have favor, says the Lord!

2-14-2021 There is a generation of people that are trying to decide your season for you, and they are trying to decide the timing of your life for certain events and happenings in your life, but the Lord says I am the only one that will be able to decide the seasons of your life and the timing and sequences of events in your life. I am the one that holds the times and the seasons of life in my hand. I orchestrate the steps of your life, and I line up the events to unfold in your life according to the timing of the sequences I have chosen, says the Lord God! I will rebuke them for you, because they have put themselves in a place of God where I only belong in your life. Now watch me do what I am going to do in this season, and watch how I rebuke and watch how I set things in order in this season, declares the Lord!

2-14-2021 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the website) They went about as a talebearer by telling all of your secrets in an attempt to hurt you and to smear your name, but the Lord says because they did that to you without any shame or remorse, I am going to allow all of their secrets to come out. They fooled the people that they were perfect, but they have many shameful secrets, and they have many things hid in the closet, but as they have done to you, the Lord is saying it will come back to them and be done unto them as a witness of my righteous judgment, says the Lord!

2-13-2021 The Lord says, transition is not to harm you, but a necessary transition is designed to promote you and take you up higher, but if you want to stay where you are at, then you are staying my hand from the way that I really want to bless you and elevate you, says the Lord! When you don’t move when I say move, then you miss out on all the good things that I have for you, says the Lord!

2-12-2021 The Lord says, oftentimes when people say, ‘I love you’ with their mouth, but they have shown you nothing but evil with their actions all this while, it is because they do not know me and are into manipulation, but in this season I will show you my love by placing my righteous people in your life to demonstrate my love and the love of my Kingdom to you that you will know that I love you. Real love is not two-faced and real love does not seek to hurt or to destroy or manipulate, declares the Lord!

2-11-2021 The Lord says, that stranglehold that has been over some of your lives is going to break in this season, and it is going to break suddenly, and you will see the light of day, declares the Lord!

2-10-2021 The Lord says, the direction that I am taking you will reshape how you think. It is needful for a shift in your thinking for you to get the things that are currently blocked from coming to you because of how you think. It is needful for me to visit your mind in this season to transform how you think, because if I can transform how you think I can transform how you live and where you live, says the Lord!

2-9-2021 The Lord says, fear not the transition ahead, because I am in the midst of things. I am in the midst of the shift, and I will position you in this shift, and you will shift to a higher level and position. Do not resist what I am doing in your life, because I have favored you to go up. In that higher place I am taking you up to, I will use you to show favor to others, and that is why I am putting you there, says the Lord!

2-8-2021 The Lord says, though it may have seemed like a long one, the journey is not yet over, but I still have work for you to do, and I still have plans for your life. Do the best that you can and I will do the part that you cannot do, says the Lord!

2-7-2021 The Lord says, I am stretching you to receive more and to endure more and to hold more. For a season it may have looked like you were being stretched beyond capacity and pushed beyond your limit, but I had a plan in the level of stretching that I allowed you to be tested at, and I have seen your heart and your diligence, and I will reward you accordingly, declares the Lord!

2-6-2021 The Lord told me to tell you that things work in his timing and not your own, but his timing will always save you and will be perfect when you need it the most. Keep trusting me says the Lord, and you will see what I can do and how I do it best at the appointed time, says the Lord!

2-5-2021 The Lord says, don’t worry yourself about matters that I have made preparations to be fixed already. Just keep trusting me, and you will see my hand.

2-4-2021 1) The Lord says, tread cautiously and leave the bigger things up to me that are beyond your control. 2) The Lord says, you don’t have to fight as hard as you think, because I am that higher power standing over you that is fighting for you. Turn those matters over to me and see what I can do, declares the Lord! 3) The Lord says, sometimes people are on the wrong side of the fight of what I am trying to do in your life, and therefore they tend to resist me thinking that they are resisting you, but I have way more people on your side fighting for you to protect the investment that I have made in your life and destiny, and the world will see my glory, and they will see why I made you and why I created you, and they will see just how much I love you, says the Lord! 4) The Lord says, you don’t have to fret, because in me you can bet that I have everything under control even when you can’t see how I am moving in your life, but know that I am constantly moving behind the scenes and getting things in position to set things in order, says God! 5) The Lord says, I am causing the pressure to be eased off of your life in this season, and where that thing has been a burden, it shall be removed, and where there has been this dark cloud hanging over your life and hovering over you. You’ll see the light of day in this season as I bring your suffering to an end and bring you into a time of full restoration, manifestation, and renewal in your life. 6) The Lord says, know that I am rebuilding you in this season, and I will not allow you to be torn down like an abandoned building, but I will add on levels and stories to you, and when the work is finished, your life will bless millions and to the billions, says the Lord Your God; for I have spoken it, says the Lord! 7) The great fight of afflictions and tests that have endured these past years have been to prepare you for the real greatness and honor I have in store for you, says the Lord! For a season, your life may have looked like David, Joseph, or Naomi, but you will see a restoration like no other that will make others jealous and others will marvel at what I have done in your life, and they will say and will testify that the hand of the Lord has done this. Continue to be faithful in your time of testing. I am finishing up what I started in you, and I will perform it until the day of my return, declares the Lord God!

2-3-2021 The Lord says, I got it. Trust me to handle it and work it out for you. You will not be dis appointed, says the Lord!

2-2-2021 When you esteem what I love again, then you will see the new fires that have been lit inside of you that will burn into eternity, and then you will see the refreshing waters of my hands that have been reserved for you and these times released unto you. It is not my will that you sit idle in this season, but seek to do my will and seek to know me more, and you will see what I have in store for you, which is only good, declares the Lord!

2-1-2021 The Lord says, some things will catch many by surprise, but for my praying ones and those that are sensitive to my Spirit and very sensitive to my leading will always know what I am doing in the midst of the land and among the nations at any given time. I do not will for you to walk in the dark or to be in the dark, but I will for you to see with radar vision by my Spirit says the Lord! I have many things to show you, and I want to show you what is ahead. If you will spend time with me and get away with me and hide yourself in me, then you will get secrets by my Spirit that others will not have access to, but I reserve that level of access for those ones that I call my friends, declares the Living Lord of Glory!

1-31-2021 The Lord says, I will take you beyond what you know as just natural knowledge in this season, and I will allow you to see what I see and to know what I know through the realm of the Spirit. You will get victory over the works of the adversary as you operate from my realm and in the Spirit versus trying to defeat spiritual powers and evil forces in your flesh and by tough talk, but you need my Spirit and my power, says the Lord! There are things that you know not of in your natural understanding, but as you spend time in my presence, I will cause you to rise up above their evil deeds, declares the Lord! When the battle is greater than you I have your back, says the Lord!

1-30-2021 The Lord says, don’t wait on the time to change before you change, but make the best of every moment that I give you and be led of my wisdom, declares the Lord! Greater awaits you when you do it my way, declares the Lord God!

1-29-2021 The Lord says, I am turning the page on the old and bringing you into the new. Some of you fear the changes, because you think that it is going to be a snare for you, but I am bigger than what they are doing, and my Kingdom operates above all and higher than any earthly kingdom, says the Lord! My plans are higher than their plans, your plans, and all plans, and I have a plan for you and for my people, says the Lord! You will have to trust that I am leading you and ordering your steps in going forward, says the Lord! There may be some things that you fear, but I am above your fears, and I have you covered and protected, says the Lord God! The tide that has been against you will shift, says the Lord!

1-28-2021 The Lord says, don’t forfeit a chance for greater things that I am bringing before you, but allow my grace to bring you pass your life struggle into a new place of rest and prosperity where there is comfort and stability. The flowers will blossom in the place that you allow me to show you where the times of refreshing will come and the new will bless and not harm you. It is your season to see me provide for you in a new way, declares the Lord!

1-27-2021 The Lord says, there is a difference in what they label you and what I call you. Do not allow the labels of men and their branding onto your life to alter or destroy your destiny and my intents for your life. Before time I had already planned what you were to be and what you were to become even before you were placed in the womb. Wicked people will try to alter the course of your destiny and what I have planned for you if you allow their labels and branding to stick to you. Do not allow what I have planted in you to be distorted and watered down, but keep your connection with me strong as I cause you by my Spirit to navigate through all of the different transitions of life that you may face over time, declares the Lord God!

1-26-2021 The Lord says, if you keep making wrong decisions and making wrong turns, then you are not going to like how the end is going to be, but if you turnaround in your thinking and how you make decisions, then there is a sure blessing that is waiting on you, declares the Lord God! The Lord says, some things this week will serve as a confirmation for you that you have been hearing my voice on certain matters and following my leading. I will confirm your path this week, says the Lord!

1-25-2021 The Lord is saying, don’t waste the moment. Instead of sitting around waiting on some bad things to happen in this world or in your life, choose to live by faith and experience my glory that changes the story. Choose to be one that overcomes and triumph in me. Tough times don’t change my will, but tough faith releases my grace to deal with those tough times. Choose to experience me in this hour, and you will see my power and get all that I have for you, declares the Lord!

1-24-2021 The Lord says, I am strengthening the early foundations that I have placed in your life, and in this season I will build upon those things so that the core of what I put in you will not fade away with the new, says the Lord!

1-23-2021 The Lord says, a vision of a new and bright future is yours, but in this season I will show you how to walk in it and enjoy what I provide for you.

1-22-2021 The Lord says, take heart, knowing that I have more control over the situations that once frightened you beyond measure. I can see the needle in the haystack that you and others cannot see, and I have already made a way for you and others to come out on top of things and to win in everything that you endeavor into that is guided by my hand, says the Lord!

1-21-2021 The Lord says, never count a person out until you have heard their words, seen their heart, and observed their actions, and even then know that I am able to turn the hearts of men and cause them to favor my righteous causes, declares the Lord!

1-20-2021 The Lord says, what do you fear? My will for your life has not changed just because circumstances or situations around you may have changed. My will for you remains the same even when things shift even in a Year of Shifting Winds and Prophetic Winds. Though the winds of change are blowing, some things like my will remains the same, declares the Lord!

1-19-2021 The Lord says, what I have shown to you will come to pass, but do not lean to your own understanding as to how it will come to pass. You leave that part up to me, and don’t try to figure out my process, but in time you will see my progress, says the Lord!

1-18-2021 The Lord says, it is not enough for you to just know that I am with you, but you will see that I am with you in this season. Watch what I can do, says the Lord! I will do great things for you, says the Living God!

1-17-2021 The Lord says, pivot and transition. I will show you better ways now for the days ahead, and I will take you in a new direction that will be by hand, says the Lord!

1-16-2021 The Lord says, don’t wait for things to change before you obey me, but things will change if you choose to do things my way and move in those things, declares the Lord!

1-15-2021 New things do I declare over your life as I patch up the broken places of your heart and repair the dam age done to your soul over time by many different things, declares the Lord! In this season, you will experience and feel my healing touch, and things come into the right perspective in ways that you did not think was possible. As the baggage is cleared from your life, you will see a new way forward that will be fruitful and very productive, and good things will spring forth and come forth from your life. Then you will learn the value of your life and the value of what I have placed within you, says the Lord!

1-14-2021 The Lord says, keep your trust with me. Do not waste time on the things that will not profit you. Your destiny is in me and not in the things of this world. The systems of this world will be shaken, but if you are rooted and grounded in me and planted in my Kingdom, you will not be shaken as the world. I am the light of the world and the hope of my people, and in these times I will give you a renewed strength, and my purposes will be fulfilled, says the Lord!

1-13-2021 The Lord says, you will come into a time of rest in the midst of what looks like chaos and turmoil in the land. I will show you how to rise above the mess and how to rise above the noise and the fray and to enter into a place of stillness, comfort, and peace with me until the indignation be passed over. It will seem like some things are not going to end, because they are coming in waves and in portions, but for a season I will hide you from it all. I will teach you how to overcome as you hide in me, says the Lord! Your expectations have to be of me, says the Lord; for I delight in you, and yes I delight in you even more when you seek me and humble yourself before me. You are special to me when you do those things, and I have many rewards to release to you in the days ahead, so do not be distracted by the cares of this life and the things of this world. Find your security in me while the world finds themselves mired in a time of insecurity and confusion. I will teach to ride upon the winds and to soar above the evil that is roaming the land. You will know and see that I am with you when the waves start. When they start, I will not let them overtake you or overrun you, says the Spirit of the Living God!

1-12-2021 The Lord says, I will protect you, and the thing that wanted to take you out will not stand and I will pull it back and pull it down, and they will see that I am the Lord that sets one up and orchestrates things. I will have the final words in all things, declares the Lord! The Lord says, get prepared for visitation; for I will visit you, and I will also visit the nations, and they will know that I am passing through them, says the Lord God of Hosts!

1-11-2021 Some of the things in your life that I have been taking you through are necessary for you to advance the way that I intend for you to advance, says the Lord!

1-10-2021 The Lord says, I have higher for you. Do not settle for less, when there is much better waiting for you, says the Lord!

1-9-2021 The Lord says, count any losses, but consolidate your gains, and put all of your strength and energy behind your gains. In this season it will be necessary for you to consolidate things so that you will have your strength and your focus in one solid pile to push forth with an even stronger momentum that will make you to be unstoppable. Some things are necessary so that you do not be distracted, says the Lord!

1-8-2021 The Lord says, the impasse is over and many things that have been challenging you and resisting you and holding back that which belongs to you is breaking even now from over your life, and that which have held many of you will be crushed and become a thing of the past, says the Lord! These are not the days to be frightened, but these are the days for my people and the nations to see my might and to see my glory. I will fight on behalf of my people, and I will manifest in due time that which I have said is my strange work and my strange act. I have a few surprises coming that men did not expect and had no knowledge of, and then shall they know that I am the Lord, says God!

1-7-2021 The Lord says, fear none of those things coming in the earth, but be strong for the times, and be strong for other people. I have equipped you to have a firm face in this season and in this hour. I have equipped you to bring forth my handiwork for these times. I have even empowered you with answers and solutions like the days of old, and I have purposed for you to overcome and to rise above the challenges of your day and to manifest my Kingdom in the midst of the people. As you make up your mind to follow me and to go all out for me, you will see my favor in your midst and upon your life. I yet have a divine purpose for you, says the Lord!

1-6-2021 The Lord says, this is a season for you to consolidate some things, narrow your focus, realign your focus, fine tune some things, and even recalibrate some things. I am doing it on my end, but you will also have to do it on your end and align yourself with what I am doing in your midst, says the Lord! Embrace what I am doing in your life in this season, says the Lord!

1-5-2021 The Lord says, inaction on your part can cause some things to be on hold, but once you get into the movement you will abolish the losing. The blessing flow of my Spirit comes to those that are not only believing for it, but they are actively involved in the movement to make it happen, says the Lord!

1-4-2021 The Lord says, fear should have no place in your space, but victory is certain when you do not allow fear to overcome you. Where is your faith, says the Lord!

1-3-2021 The Lord says, I am going to show you how good I am going to be to you this year. Do not be distracted by the turmoil that you see in the nations, but be prayerful and be watchful. I will be moving on your behalf in the midst of all those things, declares the Lord God! You will see my strength this year, says the Lord! Study 1 Samuel 15:29, Numbers 23:19-20, Titus 1:2, and Hebrews 6:18.

1-2-2021 The Lord says, let me saturate you in my presence in this season. Let me wipe away all of your fears. Cast all of your cares upon me, and you will see how I care for you. I can show you better than I can tell you. You will see just how much I love you and care about you in this season. You will see my love and compassion for you. I have even ordained for you to be just like me to show my love and compassion to others that are within your reach, says the Lord! Let me display my love through you. Let me display my love to you, says the Lord! I will refresh you in this season and make all things known unto you that is necessary for you to advance and make progress in this season; for I am not a God that sits in time, but I sit in eternity, and I hold time in my hands, and I will cause you to come into a time where you will be able to redeem the time and accomplish those dreams that I put in you that you thought were too late, but you are right on time, says the Lord! I have fashioned you in my hands, and I did not rush the process with you, but I took my time in making you into how I wanted and needed you to be, but even in this season, I will accelerate the times, and I will even accelerate what I am doing with you. Be not mislead by all the things that you see going on in the world, because your destiny and that which I showed you will still come to pass. Do not be distracted by the smokescreens and the storm clouds, because I move in the midst of those things, and the clouds are the dust of my feet, and those things are beneath you. Therefore I have made them to be beneath you, so never forget that I am in you, and we will conquer all things in your life together, because my mission is your mission, and your mission is also my mission, declares the Spirit of the Living God!

1-1-2021 The Lord says, in this year of shifting winds and prophetic winds, things will turn to blow in your favor, and I will cause the winds to blow in your harvest, and you will have much and plenty this year, declares the Lord! Read Numbers 11:31-32 & Psalm 78:23-29.1-1-2021 (Reposted from the Relationships section of the website) Divine connections that I set up for you by my hand is your portion in this season, says the Lord! These key connections will have the missing pieces of the puzzle to advance the cause that I have put within you for this season, says the Lord!